Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Daze

Thanks to all of you who posted kind comments about the loss of our family pet. It is hard not seeing him run to greet us when we walk outside, but we are coping.

I'm sorry I've been away from my blog for so long, but it's been really crazy around here. Daughter's softball schedule has been taking up a good portion of our day throughout the summer. Rec dept All-Stars softball is over for us now; her team received third place in the district tournament and only the first place winner goes on to compete in the state tournament (awww). But she is interested in joining a travel ball team to finish out the summer. We'll see...

Here she is at bat

Here she is at the position of catcher
Oldest son has a summer job at a pizza restaurant to keep him busy and to put some spending money in his pocket! He's doing a great job of saving most of his earnings....Amazing how much more careful he is about what he spends his money on now that he is earning it, rather than receiving an allowance from us!

Youngest son is just having a blast this summer...playing with friends...doing nothing...enjoying the days!

Dear Hubby is doing what he always does...working...taking care of us. I know that he is counting down the days until we go on vacation...counting today, it's 13 days until we leave...woo-hoo!! We are going to the beach for one week (the gulf coast side of Florida). We can't wait!

And I am recovering from gall bladder surgery. I had the surgery one week ago today and I am recovering well...Just very sore, trying to take it easy and do very little until I heal. But that is hard for me...I'm not used to sitting around doing nothing! I spent the first few days in the recliner doing absolutely nothing (physical, that is...I had plenty of time to stimulate my brain through books, puzzles and games). Now I'm getting around pretty well, but still not 100 percent yet...hopefully by next week I'll be back to normal. My family has been wonderful through it all...waiting on Mom hand and foot, dividing up my jobs among themselves (in addition to their regular chores). And the meals from our friends have been absolutely wonderful! I couldn't ask for things to go any smoother than they have. I am thankful.

Well, now you are caught up on what's been happening in my life, so I'd better get to reading about what's been going on in yours.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saying Good-bye...

Today is hard...We had to say good-bye to our beloved Scamp, our bassett hound. My dh called me this morning at 6:30, on his way to work, to say that he saw Scamp at the edge of the road. He had been run over this morning. We live on a dirt road, but we are close to the paved road where he was hit. I had to tell the heartbreaking. My youngest child doesn't know yet because he spent the night with a friend and is not home now. A dear neighbor from the dirt road behind our house stopped by on her way to work this morning to make sure we knew. She said her husband saw him this morning and moved him out of the road...and told me how much they would miss he came to visit them every day. Needless to say, we are heartbroken. Scamp was such a good dog...a good friend. But he was too much like his father...he liked to ramble. We knew he was always roaming off in the woods behind our house to visit folks, and rambling down the dirt road. He always accompanied us on our walks down the dirt road, and tried to follow my oldest son on his daily runs. We will miss him!