Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Some of the things we've been up to lately:

Just for fun... math with Aubie

Science investigations:

investigating how the continual rubbing of rocks...

contributes to the formation of soil

investigating the ability of freezing water to break rocks

obviously we shouldn't have used a pickle jar... as the water
expands, the jar is supposed to break...

Upward Basketball:
     Our two youngest children are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to competiveness in sports, as you will see in these next few pictures. Kate is a very competitive and aggressive player. Winning is very important to her; she gives 100 percent and holds nothing back. Will, on the other hand, is so nonchalant and very laid-back. If his team wins, that's great; if they don't, least he had a good time.

Kate, on a fast break

going in for a lay-up

Will dribbling down court, no fast breaks for him

putting up a shot

Our little guy, sick with strep throat, on sister's birthday...

please mom, no more pictures...

I'm happy to report that today he is feeling much better, after being on his antibiotic. He was not happy that he had to miss Awana last Wednesday night. Lord willing, he should be able to go to church in the morning.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Celebrating Another Year

We had the privilege of celebrating another year with our dear daughter yesterday; she turned 14. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. What joy she brings to my heart (of course there are many times when she brings feelings other than joy into my heart, but for the most part, it is with joy that I look upon my dd...insert smiley face here).

her little brother gave her these cute flip-flops she saw and liked in Wal-Mart

some clothes we gave her

a new camera

$ from Granddaddy

her big brother gave her iTunes $

We went out to eat pizza with some friends after church last night. She made cupcakes to share with everyone. The only sad part was little brother was sick and daddy stayed home with him. :( But we will try to do something to celebrate as a family this weekend, when he is feeling better.

Kate, with friends Alyssa and Bethany

Kate, with our youth pastor's wife and their daughter
(He is in the background, on the left)
They have played such an integral role in her walk with Jesus
and have been a HUGE blessing to our family!

 She was a little embarrassed  that we were singing
happy birthday loudly enough to draw the
attention of everyone in the restaurant!

I thank God for the privilege of watching her grow into a beautiful young lady. I am so very thankful that He saved her and is working in her life right now. Watching her grow in her relationship with Him has been awesome, to say the least! I thank Him for the joy and privilege of being a mother, and I pray that He will allow me to celebrate many more birthdays with my children!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, Monday...

It's interesting how we'll have a day or two with nothing much going on at all, then all of sudden, things just take off at break-neck speed! Monday we "hit the ground rolling" so to speak, beginning the day with an out-of-town doctor's appointment for me. We could have hurried back home to begin school, seeing as how we didn't get much school work done on Friday (because of dh). But, I felt that since we rarely have time for browsing and window shopping, etc. we'd just hang around and make a day of it.

I HAD to check out the latest finds in Beall's Outlet, lol. Not sure if many of you are familiar with this store, but it's kind of like a Big Lots with close-outs and bargains and what-not. I found two pairs of shoes for me (very inexpensive!), and a couple of things for the kids. I love that store! Next, the kids wanted to check out the pet store. We looked at everything in there! And we bought a new toy for Aubie, our cockatiel. Then we had lunch at Zaxby's, my children's FAVORITE restaurant. After lunch, we stopped in at Rue 21. My daughter loves this store, but I'm not so sure that I do. For one thing the music playing was nothing that I'd want my kids hearing all the time. And while some of their clothing line is cute, a good bit of it is...umm, well let's just say it's not what I'd want my daughter to wear. After Rue 21, we made a stop at the Dollar Tree. Who doesn't like a store with lots of $1 items?

When we got back home that afternoon, the only school work we decided to tackle for the day was our reading subjects. So all in all, it was a day well spent. And I think the kids enjoyed it as well.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Friday...we usually spend this day wrapping up our school week...probably just like you. Right now dh is on a different work schedule, so he is off on Fridays, and that affects our school schedule. Alot. Today, the only school we accomplished were our morning read-aloud time and about 1/2 a lesson of math for each child. DH had lots of things he wanted to accomplish today like taking the trash to the landfill, lol, (there is no trash pick-up where we live) an optometry visit, and working on Will's (and a little friend's) race car for our upcoming AWANA Grand Prix... and of course the kids would much rather help him than do their school work!

But, I'm not complaining. I am thankful for the time we get to spend together. Maybe I will incorporate what another blogging friend does...Fun Fridays. Maybe I can even get dh in on school. He loves math and science, so maybe I can ask him to do some fun science experiments with the kids on Fridays. He has done some experiments with them in the past and has quite enjoyed doing them! I might have to change the name from Fun Fridays to Freaky Fridays, though.

I don't know that I'd want dh home all day every day, but for this short time I will welcome the change. It was neat that everybody was here during school hours, even my college kiddo. I managed to snap a couple of shots of them doing school work this morning...

my fifth grader working on math and my college freshman working on Biology

my eigth grader working on math (Teaching Textbooks) at the computer

Although we didn't accomplish everything on my agenda for today, we did get to experience what was on God's agenda for our family. I was a little stressed to begin with, and if I can be honest with you... I was a little miffed because my dh was interfering with my plans for the day and interrupting my routine and schedule! Thankfully, the Lord showed me how ridiculous I was to feel that way! And thankfully, He showed me early enough in the day so that I didn't completely ruin the day for everyone. I am usually slow to learn the lessons He teaches me each day, so needless to say I am VERY grateful that He penetrated my stubbornness and softened my heart on this little (or should I say big) "my way" issue. Yes, my God is BIG like that! Why does it so often take me so long to see that?
Well...our day turned out to be a good day for all! I would say that we experienced a Fabulous Friday. Hey! That might be the new name for our family Fridays. Of course, I can't say that each one will be as good as today was. But... if I leave it open for God to plan the day, who knows? And isn't that what I'm supposed to be doing every day, anyway?
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33

Friday, February 12, 2010


Can you believe the weather forecast for the South???? We knew it's been cold down here longer than usual! DH came home from work yesterday and told us to pack up...we were driving north. Not too far, just to our hometown in Alabama! Because the weather advisory predicts 4-6 inches of snow for them. So...pack up we did and drove home. We arrived around midnight. Got up around snow. We're patiently waiting. My kids are wondering if it will really happen. They've not seen much snow. We occasionally get a few flurries and we have driven home before so they could see the snow. We're watching the weather channel and see where there is already 2 inches in Montgomery, but our hometown is about 2 hours drive north of nothing here yet. But they are coming in with cries of "It's snowing! It's really snowing!" So now the snow is here! It's really coming down...beautiful! I just hope we get a few inches so they can play in it.

Now I know my northern blogosphere friends are probably laughing at my post, but this is really big for us! We never get snow. So we don't even have the necessary items needed for dealing with snowy really warm clothes, or boots, or even an ice scraper for the car!!!

Well...I suppose I should venture out and take a few photos to share!

More to come later...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Just a few photos from the "cold snap" we had down here in the south for about two weeks in January. Every few years we get a few snow flurries, but not this year. So we have adopted an idea from one of my dear IRL friends...leave the water hose on overnight and have some neat icicles the next