Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, Monday...

It's interesting how we'll have a day or two with nothing much going on at all, then all of sudden, things just take off at break-neck speed! Monday we "hit the ground rolling" so to speak, beginning the day with an out-of-town doctor's appointment for me. We could have hurried back home to begin school, seeing as how we didn't get much school work done on Friday (because of dh). But, I felt that since we rarely have time for browsing and window shopping, etc. we'd just hang around and make a day of it.

I HAD to check out the latest finds in Beall's Outlet, lol. Not sure if many of you are familiar with this store, but it's kind of like a Big Lots with close-outs and bargains and what-not. I found two pairs of shoes for me (very inexpensive!), and a couple of things for the kids. I love that store! Next, the kids wanted to check out the pet store. We looked at everything in there! And we bought a new toy for Aubie, our cockatiel. Then we had lunch at Zaxby's, my children's FAVORITE restaurant. After lunch, we stopped in at Rue 21. My daughter loves this store, but I'm not so sure that I do. For one thing the music playing was nothing that I'd want my kids hearing all the time. And while some of their clothing line is cute, a good bit of it is...umm, well let's just say it's not what I'd want my daughter to wear. After Rue 21, we made a stop at the Dollar Tree. Who doesn't like a store with lots of $1 items?

When we got back home that afternoon, the only school work we decided to tackle for the day was our reading subjects. So all in all, it was a day well spent. And I think the kids enjoyed it as well.

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  1. sounds like a fun day... a memory made. That is so much more important than book work!



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