Meet My Family


Apart from my salvation, they are my greatest gifts from God...

My Husband, Mike

*He is a design engineer for a nuclear power facility
*He loves to scuba dive/spear fish
*He loves to hunt and fish
*He has coached each of our kids in rec. dept. sports
*He coaches at Appling Christian Academy
*He likes to read Ted Dekker novels
*He is passionate in his relationship with Jesus
 and he is a wonderful leader of our family
*He LOVES vacationing at beaches

Our Firstborn, Ryan

*He is a senior in college, but he is taking this year off to work
*He loves to read
*He is writing a book (actually a series of books)
*He enjoys working with computers
*He is a movie buff
*He loves gaming with his younger brother

Our Only Daughter, Kate

*She is a high school senior at a small Christian school
*She loves playing softball
*She loves dogs and horses
*She enjoys photography
*She loves hunting and fishing with her dad
*She plans to pursue a degree in nursing

Our Youngest, Will

*He is home-schooled and is in 9th grade
*He loves reading books about animals
*He loves watching Animal Planet and Discovery Channel
*He enjoys gaming with his older brother
*He wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up
*He enjoys scuba diving