Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be a mother.

There is no feeling quite like holding your newborn baby in your arms and experiencing that rush of joy, that mix of emotions known only to a mommy. Watching your child grow, seeing him or her learning, living, and loving... there are no words to adequately describe these "mommy" feelings.

There is a saying that goes something like this: "your children hold your hands for a little while, but your heart forever." And another one says, "your children step on your toes when they're little, and then your heart when they're older."

I guess there is some truth in both of these sayings. They don't hold my hands much anymore, but they certainly have a hold on my heart! And they aren't stepping on my toes anymore either, but they sure have a way of hurting my heart sometimes.

Despite all of the growing pains we've experienced, I wouldn't have it any other way! I am so thankful for the privilege of being a mom to these gifts the Lord has entrusted to my care. My desire is to be a joyful momma, leading my children by example and directing them to the Lord. God is still working on me in this area (among others!). I'm so thankful He hasn't given up on me. I want to walk worthy of my calling.

my blessings

Mother's Day is always a little bittersweet for me. My own dear mother went to be with the Lord when I was 19. Although I love celebrating with my children, I do miss my momma terribly. I had a dream about  her a few nights ago. In my dream, I was in heaven and she was the first person I went looking for. When I woke from the dream, I felt guilty that she was the first person I wanted to see (instead of Jesus!) I don't really know if there is any significance in that dream. I would like to think that the first person I look for in heaven will be my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I guess I just miss her so much, even after all these years.

As I was lying in bed a couple nights after that dream, I was pondering it and thinking about her... and it dawned on me that I am now older than my momma lived to be. That's a weird feeling.

I miss her so much, but I am comforted just knowing that she is in heaven and I will be able to see her again one day! In the meantime, I pray that I can be half the mother to my children that she was to my brother and me.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.  3 John 4

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Our youth pastor (who, along with his wife, happens to be very good friends of our family) resigned from his position at our church recently. He has felt God calling him to church plant for some time now, and I guess it was God's time! They have moved to Orlando, Florida.

It was very difficult to say good-bye. How do you say good-bye after 7 years? We all know that this is God's will for them, but does that make it any easier? I am thankful for Facebook, for not only has it been a tool to enable us to keep up with family and catch up with old friends from days gone by, but it will also allow us to keep in touch with Rick and his family!

Tonight, the deacons and their wives and the church staff hosted a dinner to meet a prospective new youth pastor. Yes, I went. Yes, I'm supposed to be staying off my foot. But I felt that this was important. So I hobbled along and walked on my tippy-toes and tried to stay off of it as much as possible.

No, they are not Rick and Christie. But you can't really expect to replace people... friends, anyway.

My heart was comforted. I really like him...and his fiance. They will be married on July 10th. After listening to them share their testimonies, and answer questions, and after talking to them, I felt like they would be very good for our youth.

It was evident that they both have a heart for the Lord, and for youth ministry. I was glad when he said that it wasn't his goal to take the place of the parents in the discipleship process, but rather to be a resource to the parents. He also talked about his having had four different youth pastors in his church when he was a teenager, and that he hopes the Lord will allow him to be in one church long enough to form relationships with the youth, to mentor them, and to help disciple them over a period of many years.

I am thankful that the Lord allowed Rick to be our youth pastor for all of my son's years in youth. It does mean alot to them to be able to form the friendships with their youth pastor.

I hope the Lord will call Matthew and Joni to our church.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Awana Closing Ceremony

We had our closing ceremony for Awana last night.

This is an opportunity for us to reward the children for their hard work, memorizing scripture all year. And to recognize the leaders who spend all their time all year working with the children, teaching them God's truths!

Here is Will, receiving the Excellence Award from the Awana Commander.
This award is earned when three books have been completed in the T&T club.

Will is the only child I have in Awana now. It's kind of sad... The other two are in our church youth group on Wednesday nights. They have all grown up in the Awana program at our church. I think it is an excellent scripture memorization program. By the time they finish Awana they have memorized so much scripture and have learned so many of God's truths!

This is the T&T Club, 3rd - 6th graders

My foot was feeling so much better that I decided to go the ceremony. I just kind of walked around on my tip toes on my left foot. Surprisingly, I didn't have as much pain as the doctor told me I could expect! Therefore, I kind of walked around on it a good bit yesterday afternoon, and this morning.

But by mid-morning, I noticed my foot was bleeding through the bandage. I called the doctor's office and talked to the nurse. She talked to the doctor and then told me that whether my foot felt great or not, I need to try to stay off it as much as possible for the next few days.

So, it is back to the recliner for me...sigh. I didn't get to go to my daughter's softball game tonight. I won't get to take my kids to the "Farm/City Day" tomorrow. Our church deacons and their wives are hosting a dinner meet and greet for a prospective youth minister tomorrow night, that my husband and I are supposed to go to.

On a good note, my 11-year old son made homemade chicken noodle soup for our supper tonight while my husband and daughter were at her game. From the recliner where I was sitting with my foot propped up, I called out each step of the directions to him, and he followed them splendidly! The soup was delicious, and I was so proud of him!

Well, I know this won't last long and I'll be up and around again in no time. Until then, I've got lots of home school catalogs to pore over, pondering next year's curriculum choices.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Foot Surgery

I've been having some foot pain for the past three weeks, so I went to the doctor last Tuesday. It was a plantar wart and the doctor treated it with cryotherapy. Unfortunately, as of today (exactly one week later) it was absolutely zero percent better.

It was supposed to have blistered and begun cracking and peeling by now. But...nothing...stubborn wart.

So I went back in to see the doctor this afternoon, and of course he said he would have to surgically remove it. Yikes! I knew this would be a simple office procedure...therefore I would have to have a local anesthetic (as opposed to general...meaning I would have to be awake and feel this shot). I don't like needles!

He had me lie down on my stomach on the table, and while the nurse began spraying the freezing treatment on it, he injected the anesthetic. I began raising the upper half of my body off the table while simultaneously kicking my "unoccupied" foot! Ouch!

Thankfully, the anesthetic was very quick acting. Literally, within less than a minute I didn't feel anything anymore.

Then the doctor began removing it with a scalpel and cauterizing it with what my daughter described as a "mini-blowtorch!" He did tell me that it went deep. He had to cut and cauterize about half an inch down into my foot. He said it would definitely be very painful when the anesthetic wears off. As of the writing of this post, my foot is still numb and I had the procedure at about 5:30 this afternoon. I plan to take the pain medicine he prescribed in just a few moments and then go to bed. The medicine is to be taken every four to six hours (as needed), so that means I will probably wake up with some pain tonight.

So, to my blogging friend Tom, I can probably empathize (maybe a tiny bit) with you by tomorrow morning! I know it won't be ANYTHING like what he has gone through with his foot surgery, though.

On a lighter note, as the doctor was performing the procedure, he was explaining to the nurse and to me that when he practiced in a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, he performed this very procedure many times in a day. Only, he had a laser to cauterize it with (which meant less chance of damaging healthy tissue), and there was some sort of vacuum attachment that sucked up the burnt flesh so you didn't have to smell it as much.

Oh the joys of living in a small town!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Heart

One more post before I go to bed...

I am so excited to announce that today we officially began the adoption process!

No, we don't know who we'll be adopting, or exactly when. This is something our whole family has been in prayer about for quite some time now. We don't know if we'll be taking into our family a little one from some other country, or someone right here in our own state. We just know that after much prayer on our part, the Lord has finally said, "Go."

Right now, we are in phase one, better known as "the paper-chase." We've filled out paperwork, had our names added to a list of prospective adoptive parents. We will await the confirmation of an orientation, then we will begin a seven week course study, undergo home evaluations, interviews with our children (that part makes me a little nervous, having DFACS workers questioning my children about their home life, because after all, we do spank, and we and many more requirements to satisfy someone's idea of a good parent!

We are excited to see where God leads. We have friends who have adopted internationally, and when the Lord first began speaking to my heart about adoption, I just assumed that's where He would lead us. International adoptions are very expensive and I'm not concerned about that because I know that if that is His will, then He will supply the funds. But so far, no funds have come pouring in (lol). However, that didn't stop us from praying and seeking God's heart on this issue.

It seems to me (and to my dh as well) that He could be leading us to adopt here in the U.S. So, I set up an appointment with the Department of Family and Children's Services right here in our town. And that's where we are now...

In the "hurry up and wait" stage.

Scuba Dives and Vacation

My boys are almost finished with their scuba dive training. Actually, my oldest is finished. The youngest will finish up in the next couple of weeks.

Homeschool Co-ops

I thought I would share some memories we have made in homeschool this year. Two particular note-worthy events we participated in were co-ops, one on Australia and one on birds.

We really enjoyed both these co-ops, and we all learned so much. Here are some photos from the Australia Co-op:
learning about the geographical features of Australia

learning about animals that are native to Australia

here, the "platypus" had to cross the finish line while carrying his egg between his legs

making boomerangs

making an "emu" refrigerator magnet

"A Taste of Australia" - he didn't like shrimp on the barbie

The next co-op we participated in was about birds. We spent a full year studying birds two years ago, using Apologia's Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. We learned SO much about birds that year and I was very excited to see how much they remembered during this co-op! Here are some photos:

egg races

holding baby chicks

learning about the anatomy of a bird's feather

discussing the structure and parts of an egg

making pine cone feeders to hang in the trees

learning about different types of bird nests, and how to attract birds to your yard