Monday, May 3, 2010

Scuba Dives and Vacation

My boys are almost finished with their scuba dive training. Actually, my oldest is finished. The youngest will finish up in the next couple of weeks.

The guy in the red is the instructor...he owns Waterdog Scuba. He is a friend of ours from church. The little guy right beside him is my youngest. My oldest is standing right behind the instructor.

dh helping sons get ready

this is one of my favorites...

buddies, putting on their fins

It was a beautiful place, where they conducted the check out dives. The Devil's Den, a natural spring, is located in Williston, Florida, about 15 miles south of Gainesville. One thing about springs, though... the water temperature is 72 degrees year round...cold, cold, cold!

there's dh on the platform, way down there

I'm so glad they enjoy this. It will be something we can all do together. Well, it's not like we don't already have many things that we do together, it's just that this is something that dh really enjoys. And he likes for us all to be together. Hopefully, daughter will begin training soon. She thought she was ready, but after trying again, she found that it is not quite what she expected.

We were really excited about taking the boys on their first ocean dive when we go on vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida in less than three weeks. But...with the oil spill catastrophe in the gulf, it might not happen after all. We are sad and a little upset that our vacation might not be what we had hoped for. We have to go now, oil on the beach or not, because we've already passed the time frame to cancel and have our money refunded. So of course, we were a little upset about that. Then, I'm hit with a reality check... wait a minute, I'm complaining about my vacation being ruined, while the ocean is being majorly polluted, sea life is being threatened, and worst of all the economy will most likely suffer tremendously! 

I'm sorry Lord...forgive me for being so shallow.

I hope the Lord will perform a miracle, because this catastrophe could drastically change the way of life for so many people who live along the gulf coast.    

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