Friday, April 19, 2013

My Broken Toe

Well, I've done it again!
In my rush to answer the ringing telephone, I hit my pinky toe on the edge of the ottoman in front of the sofa. Ouch!
I've done this before, several times (I'm sort of clumsy). So I didn't think too much about it. But immediately, the right side of my foot all the way around to the ball of my foot began swelling, and turned a dark blue.
So, of course I took some Advil, propped up my foot and put an ice pack on it. After about 15 minutes, upon closer inspection I noticed that my injured toe was kind of leaning away from the other toes. I thought, "Hmm... that doesn't look right."
I called Mike at work and told him about it and we decided it would be best to go have an x-ray. So I made an appointment with an orthopedic for that afternoon.
It is broken. Just a small hairline fracture. Thankfully, it was not pulled out of joint, or broken at the lower joint. The ligament (?), I can't exactly remember if that's what he called it, was pulled and is likely sprained (or maybe he said strained). Lol, I think I should start paying closer attention to what the doctor is telling me :).
Anyhow, there's not much to be done for a broken pinky toe. Just buddy taping and wearing one of those ugly supportive shoes.
Looks so lovely, doesn't it? And he said I would probably be wearing this thing for about 4 weeks or so. Then he told me if I'm like most women, I'll probably wear it for a few days and then put the hideous-looking thing in the closet. Haha, he's so very right!
I've been through this before. I've broken my toes three different times in the past. And this is the second time I've broken this same exact toe! Did I mention I'm a bit clumsy?
I'm supposed to be staying off my foot and resting it, and keeping it propped up. But you know how that goes. I'm trying, but... I've had a good bit of trouble with my feet in the past, with the plantar warts, plantar fasciitis, broken toes, sprained ankles, etc... and I don't seem to have much success in staying off my feet!
Mike did tell me that I'm no longer allowed to go around barefoot in the house :). He said that he is going to see if he can find a pair of steel-toed slippers for me! All I have to say to that is, good luck with that Mike!


  1. oh I am so sorry. I didn't know! I miss our talks. Miss seeing you. Wish we would txt more. Praying for your toe. Your nails look nice!

    Much love.

  2. so sorry. hope it gets better super quick!

    ... you are such an encouragement. I absolutely love your heart for your family and your gift of writing. I am going after the joy of mom in my life. And I could use your gift. To share your wisdom, encouragement, and joy of mom.

    So, I am trying something new. Posting on my lil' blog about mom. Momma notes. Would you consider joining me and sharing a post from your blog. It doesn't have to be a new post. There are so many on your blog I could choose. Simple mom words.

    Monday I will have a linky thingie. My hope is that we can be encouraged and encourage other moms.

    If I did it right, you can find it here ...

    Be blessed bunches,


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