Friday, April 5, 2013


We are finally finished with everything that had to be repaired and re-done from the water leak!
And I stress had to be because I am now getting ready to begin redoing some rooms that I want to redo. :)
Actually, all the rooms need new paint. Until now, the only room that we've repainted in the almost 12 years that we've lived in this house is Kate's bedroom.
We've been on Spring Break this week, so I've used the time to finish up everything. And I've cleared out more "stuff" from my house, including a few pieces of furniture. I've mentioned before that my house is small, and it's amazing how much roomier it feels now!

Here are some pictures of the finished project:
the living room
I used to have the piano and the love seat on that wall. It looks much less crowded there now.

We opted to buy a smaller tv stand and I really like it. The big wall unit that we used to have covered almost the whole wall. Now it seems less crowded, more simple. I like it.

I really love the new carpet color. I can't for the life of me figure out what possessed me to put down green carpet when we built this house! Unfortunately, the green carpet remains in the bedrooms. We didn't really want to spend the money to replace all of the carpet right now. Maybe next year.
the school room
There used to be French doors here, but the new carpet is much thicker than the old carpet so the doors were very hard to open and close. We took them off so Mike could shave down the bottom of the doors, but we decided we like the way it looks without them. The room definitely feels more open and roomier now.

I used to have school-ish type posters and time lines and calendars, dry erase board, bulletin boards, etc. on all the walls. But after I finished painting I thought long and hard about putting a bunch of new nail holes back in the walls.
So, I decided to only put these three items back up. On the left is Mike's Grand Prize winning artwork from when he was in 2nd grade. And on the right is a picture of our daughter's softball team from last year. It was Mike's first year coaching softball at ACA and his team won the State Championship tournament and went on to win the National Championship tournament, as well. The girls had the team photo autographed and framed and presented it to him at the Athletic Awards Banquet. Beneath the photo is the Coach's Award plaque that he received at the national tournament.
Since I don't have any young students at home anymore, I decided not to put all those things back on the walls in this room. I still refer to it as "the schoolroom" although technically, it's more of a home office/library now.

the new floor in the hallway
I used to have framed pictures on the wall on both sides all the way down the hall. I decided to put only this one collage back up. I'm thinking of maybe putting one of those vinyl wall art quotes on one of the walls. And maybe one more collage of family photos.
I've decided that less really is more! I'm enjoying the less cluttered look in my house.
And here is the last room in its finished state... the children's bathroom.
 My youngest child will be 15 this year, so I thought maybe it was time to go with a more "grown up" look in their bathroom. :)

I'm very glad to be finished with this project, and I'm very happy with the new look. But, I think I'll take a break now and maybe as soon as we're through with school I'll begin painting the rest of the house. :)

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