Thursday, February 25, 2010

Celebrating Another Year

We had the privilege of celebrating another year with our dear daughter yesterday; she turned 14. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. What joy she brings to my heart (of course there are many times when she brings feelings other than joy into my heart, but for the most part, it is with joy that I look upon my dd...insert smiley face here).

her little brother gave her these cute flip-flops she saw and liked in Wal-Mart

some clothes we gave her

a new camera

$ from Granddaddy

her big brother gave her iTunes $

We went out to eat pizza with some friends after church last night. She made cupcakes to share with everyone. The only sad part was little brother was sick and daddy stayed home with him. :( But we will try to do something to celebrate as a family this weekend, when he is feeling better.

Kate, with friends Alyssa and Bethany

Kate, with our youth pastor's wife and their daughter
(He is in the background, on the left)
They have played such an integral role in her walk with Jesus
and have been a HUGE blessing to our family!

 She was a little embarrassed  that we were singing
happy birthday loudly enough to draw the
attention of everyone in the restaurant!

I thank God for the privilege of watching her grow into a beautiful young lady. I am so very thankful that He saved her and is working in her life right now. Watching her grow in her relationship with Him has been awesome, to say the least! I thank Him for the joy and privilege of being a mother, and I pray that He will allow me to celebrate many more birthdays with my children!

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