Friday, February 12, 2010


Can you believe the weather forecast for the South???? We knew it's been cold down here longer than usual! DH came home from work yesterday and told us to pack up...we were driving north. Not too far, just to our hometown in Alabama! Because the weather advisory predicts 4-6 inches of snow for them. So...pack up we did and drove home. We arrived around midnight. Got up around snow. We're patiently waiting. My kids are wondering if it will really happen. They've not seen much snow. We occasionally get a few flurries and we have driven home before so they could see the snow. We're watching the weather channel and see where there is already 2 inches in Montgomery, but our hometown is about 2 hours drive north of nothing here yet. But they are coming in with cries of "It's snowing! It's really snowing!" So now the snow is here! It's really coming down...beautiful! I just hope we get a few inches so they can play in it.

Now I know my northern blogosphere friends are probably laughing at my post, but this is really big for us! We never get snow. So we don't even have the necessary items needed for dealing with snowy really warm clothes, or boots, or even an ice scraper for the car!!!

Well...I suppose I should venture out and take a few photos to share!

More to come later...

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  1. I love the pictures. Had to laugh about the 'driving to see snow!' comment. Up here in the north - well need I say more! We haven't had as much snow as last year which was quite a record year for snow! But we have had several 12 inches or more type of snowfalls. It is really pretty. Lots of work shoveling. Still very pretty though. Enjoy the snow! It really is lots of fun to play in. Sledding is one of our favorite snow activities. :)


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