Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Wild Weekend

We traveled to north Georgia Friday night for our school's football game (our daughter is a cheerleader). We were told to pack an overnight bag, that we might have to spend the night because there was a big possibility that the game would have to be stopped due to thunderstorms. We had dd pack a bag, but I didn't pack anything for the rest of the family. Our plans were to return home the same night due to the fact that we had our second IMPACT class coming up the following day.

 my three kids (oldest son did not want Mom taking pictures)

dd is the first one on the back row

Sure enough, it started raining before half-time and about mid-way through the 3rd quarter there came a deluge; the game was suspended due to lightning. We were up 20-0, but the opposing team wanted to wait it out. It quickly became obvious that the thunderstorms weren't ending any time soon. The other team had not moved the ball many yards at all, and had only converted a first down twice. So, our coach tried to convince their coach to call the game and we'd see them at our place. (We have so few teams in our division, we are playing each team twice.)

But their coach wouldn't agree. We must stay overnight and finish the game the next morning.

Therein lies our problem... we didn't plan to stay overnight. The cheer coach knew this and dd would have to stay in a hotel room with her. The problem was, dd didn't want to stay without us. Dh and I discussed it, tried to weigh our options... leave dd anyway, despite her protests... or stay, despite the fact that we had no extra clothes, toothbrushes, deodorant, make-up, hair spray... you get the picture. Not to mention that we would have to miss our next IMPACT class, not sure what that would mean in the scheme of the adoption schedule.

We decided to stay. We got checked into our hotel room, went to eat (a very late) supper (10:30pm), and made a run to Wal-Mart for clothes and toiletries. The team had to be back at the school at 8:00 am to resume the game (whoever heard of playing football at 8 in the morning?!?). Well, it wasn't pretty. We scored two more times, and in a matter of 38 minutes, held them to a scoreless game! In the after-game huddle (our teams always huddle after the game for prayer) the other coach apologized to our coach for making us stay and in a joking manner, said he should write us a check to cover our expenses. Our coach replied, in a non-joking manner, that we would gladly take him up on that offer!

Onto the problem at hand... we were back on the road to home at 9:00 am and looking at a 3-hour drive (the class started at 9:30). I kept trying to call our RD but could never get an answer (not even her voice-mail). We knew that by the time we reached the class at noon, they would have covered almost half of the material, and we weren't sure whether we could join the class for the rest of the day or whether they would let us meet with one of the RDs and make up that class, or if we'd have to reschedule for the next IMPACT class (which was scheduled for December, but in a town about a 2-hour drive away). Such uncertainty!

I kept trying to call our RD, but to no avail. I was getting very frustrated, wondering what we would do, how it would all work out. Eventually I did what I always do when faced with a situation such as the one I found myself in... I remembered to take it to the One who cares about all things in my life, big or small. After praying about it, dh and I decided that we would drop off our kids at home, and would continue on to the class where we would explain everything to the teacher, and see what she had to say about it.

The RD told me that they were behind schedule that morning and had only covered the first two modules. Normally, we would have to reschedule for the next IMPACT because we would have missed too much to catch up, considering they have so few RDs to work with us with all the cut-backs the state has made. But... since they'd only covered such a small amount of information, we could join the class and either she or another RD would meet with us later to cover what we'd missed. How awesome is that??? How awesome is our God of wonders who works everything out according to His perfect plan???

I never get over how amazingly He works everything out. And I'm always reminded of how foolish I am in waiting until I've exhausted every option that I can think of before going to Him with my problems. He is always there, waiting to step up when I step down. Can you say awesome? Because that's what He is!

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  1. He is faithful and perfect in working out His plan and you got to be good Mommy and Daddy too - see? Yay!

    And that football field looks verrry familiar.... :)


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