Friday, May 20, 2011

This and That and Mother's Day

If you recall, I found out recently that I have a heart murmur. And just to be on the safe side my doctor wanted me to see a cardiologist and have some further testing. So I had an appointment last week and had an echo-cardiogram performed. Next week I have an appointment with the cardiologist to discuss the results.

So my oldest son is out of college for the summer, and is working as a summer intern at the power plant where my husband works. He just finished his first week of work. Not really work, per se, training this week. I overheard my youngest son asking him if he was glad to be out on summer break. His reply made me smile. It might be summer but it's not a break for me! I think he'll feel pleasantly compensated for the loss of his "summer break" when he receives his first paycheck.

My daughter's last day of school was Monday, May 16th. She exempted final exams, so she was able to finish earlier than the actual last day, which was Thursday the 19th. She is definitely enjoying her summer break, as she has slept late every day!

And my youngest son? No, sadly we are not finished with his school work yet. He fell behind during that month-long stretch when he was sick with mono. So we are continuing to slowly plug along at his work, despite the fact that most of his friends are finished with their school year.

~Mother's Day~  Some years are just plain harder than others. This was one of those years. I missed my momma terribly! I was a bit weepy and emotional the week preceding Mother's Day. And on the actual day, I awoke feeling slightly down-hearted. I cried and sobbed through the whole sermon at church. I don't always feel this way every Mother's Day. Of course, I miss my momma and wish that she was still here with me, but I don't usually obsess over it and make the day miserable for my own children.

Bless their hearts, they lovingly put up with so much from me! And they always work together to make Mother's Day extra special for me. I am so blessed!

Knowing how much I love capturing memories in photograph form, they gave me a digital photo frame this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I went through all my albums and selected pictures, new and old to load into the frame. And they laugh at me as I sit and enjoy the slide show of the here and now, as well as the years gone by. They couldn't have picked a more perfect gift for this picture-taking momma!

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  1. What an AWESOME Mother's Day present! I'm sorry you're missing your mom....


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