Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Calendar Says it is Fall...

The calendar says it is fall here, but the weather doesn't seem to agree. But then again it rarely does in south Georgia.

We spent the latter part of September putting in a swimming pool. The above ground type. We did all the work ourselves and it has taken us quite awhile. But it has been a worthwhile project for our family to undertake. It has been so good for us to work together! We're still not completely finished. The pool is up and it is filled; the deck is built, except for the rails around it and the steps to get up onto it. But the children have managed to improvise (lol). And they are enjoying it despite the fact that even though it still feels very warm outside, the temperature of the water is only about 78 degrees F. Sounds warm enough, but although 78 degrees is warm in air, it is not so warm in water.

So, I've only had a dip in our new pool twice. And I think that is going to be it for me this season.
But I imagine the children will probably continue to enjoy a few more afternoons in it!

Daughter and Son taking a turn using the tiller to prepare the ground for leveling
Father and Son, "shooting measurements"

Working together


  1. Looks great. You guys worked hard. I think we would of killed one another. Thanks for the playset. We sure looked like the Beverly Hillbillies.... ugh.



  2. What a fantastic project to do together! A project everyone will enjoy using! It has been WAY too cold here for swimming! Enjoy the pool. It looks wonderful!

  3. That looks like a LOT of fun. I'm guessing you'll leave it up all year around? We have an above groun that we put up some years. We never got around to it this year because winter seemed to last FOREVER and now winter has come early this fall. Maybe next year we'll get to put it back up again.


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