Friday, June 4, 2010


We were on vacation from May 21st until May 28th... we went to Panama City Beach, Florida. It was just beautiful! There are no other beaches, imo, that can compare with those in the Gulf of Mexico! And I'm so thankful that there was no oil from the BP catastrophe there. The beach and the water were just perfect! We went with some friends. This was a first for us; we usually either go alone or sometimes with family.

Ryan (on the right) with his friends, Christina and Truss

Kate with her friend Lauren

Will and his friend Bennie

We enjoyed playing miniature golf. We went to the movies together. Some of us saw Shrek 4, and others saw How To Train Your Dragon. I saw Shrek, and I thought it was a really good movie. It had a really good moral to teach.

We tried a few new restaurants while there, one of them being Five Guys Burgers and Fries. We don't have one of those near where I live, and I thought the food was pretty good. They have an outdoor mall with lots of stores, restaurants, and even a small amusement park type place at Panama City Beach, called Pier Park. That's where we ate at Five Guys. Kate climbed the Rock Climbing Wall and Will jumped on the Super Bungee there.

Mike and Kate decided to try parasailing while we were there. Another first! They enjoyed it, but Mike said it wasn't worth the price they charged!

Mike and Kate way up there!

view from our balcony

me and my sweet hubby

We saw so much more sea life than we have ever seen before!
From our balcony, we watched these dolphins jumping and playing.
It was so cool!

sting rays

Ryan found more than just sea shells while snorkeling.

a rainbow at Pier Park

We spent one afternoon at St. Andrews State Park. Mike wanted to take the kids snorkeling on the jetties there. We saw lots of different types of fish there. We even saw some jellyfish. And I was able to get some great shots of my kids on those rocks.

seahorse we found

We had fun on vacation, but on Sunday night, the family we were on vacation with received heartbreaking news. My friend's sister's daughter was killed in a car accident. She was only 16. She and another friend were on their way home from a high school graduation when an oncoming car swerved into their lane and hit them head-on. So our friends left early Monday morning. The next few days for us were blue. It was hard (and still is) to believe this actually happened. We know the family very well; they were members of our church for years. Our kids have grown up together. They moved away a few years ago, so we haven't seen them much except for the occasional visit when they are back in town to see their family.  I know these next weeks and months are going to be very difficult for them, so I ask you to join me in lifting them up to our heavenly Father.

"My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Cor. 12:9

This is what I am praying for them.


  1. Love all the beautiful vacation pics! Oh how I wish the beach was closer to Kansas! Great pic of you and your sweetie, too.

    So sorry to hear about the terrible tragedy in your friend's family. We'll pray for them.

  2. Oh what beautiful pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful time!


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