Friday, June 4, 2010

Softball = Busy

Okay, I've been away from my blog far too long! So much has happened around here, as I am sure it has with you as well!

We've been caught up in softball around here, just another normal part of our lives.

that's my husband, one of the coaches, and my Kate is 4th from left, front row

Kate, playing short stop

Kate, on deck

I am sad to say that this team has pretty much disbanded before the district tournament even began! Too many girls quit the team. The head coach is going to ask if he can have some of the girls from the younger league brought up to play with us, but we don't expect much. Kate is sad because she loves softball. It is her favorite sport!

On a brighter note, now she will be able to be on the cheer squad at Appling Christian Academy this fall. She will be in 9th grade and she wants to go. She wanted to be on the cheer squad, but the practice schedule for cheer conflicts with softball practice and games. And of course if she had to choose, softball was going to win! Now there is no conflict, so she is happy that at least she can do that!

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