Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Time

My favorite Christmas decoration... it holds a prominent place on the mantle above the fireplace. I actually have several nativity scenes placed throughout my house. I am reminded that Jesus humbled Himself and came to this earth to die for my sins...

One of my very favorite Christmas stories to read aloud to my family...

making the gingerbread house... making memories...

I always love seeing how it will turn out when they are finished.

my blessings

dh and Lizzie, sporting her new winter coat (hehe)

I fill a stocking for everyone... even our furry and feathered friends...

Christmas morning

I love Christmas! I love the sights, the sounds, the smells associated with this special holiday. I love decorating my house, inside and out... stringing lights along the roof line, hanging wreaths on the doors, draping greenery around doorways, mantle and porch rails. Picking out a tree, putting the lights on it and hanging the ornaments. Hanging the stockings by the fireplace, placing the nativity scenes around the house.

I love having hot cocoa with my kids after we finish decorating the tree. I love baking cookies with my kids to share with loved ones. I love watching them make a gingerbread house each year. I love going caroling with our Awana group at church. I love that we memorize and recite, as a family, Luke chapter 2 each year. I love reading special Christmas stories with my family, celebrating the Advent, anticipating the arrival of a savior.

I love picking out gifts for friends and family, thinking about each one, and what they mean to me, how they have blessed me. I love going to celebrate Christmas with our families. I love getting together with them, I love our time together, our visits.

I love all our traditions and the special things we do to celebrate Christmas each year... but more than this... more importantly than all these... I love the WHY of our celebration. I am literally amazed anew, every year, at God's remarkable gift.

I'm amazed that He would leave glory, descend from His throne. That He would wrap Himself in human flesh. That He would choose to be born to the poorest of parents, to be born in a stable. That He would choose to announce His arrival to lowly shepherds.

I marvel that He left the glories of heaven, that He came to this earth. To make a way for sinners, to close the gap that eternally separates us from Him. That He died for the sins of mankind. For my sins. Yes, that is the marvel and miracle of Christmas. That is why we celebrate.

For unto you is born this day in the City of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord ~ Luke 2:11

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