Sunday, February 20, 2011

Update on Mike

Mike started physical therapy for his knee on Friday. Now he is feeling the pain! They said he would.

He has to go to therapy twice a week, and he has to do several exercises at home several times a day. He also has to continue the ice therapy three times a day. (And yes, my poor family does a great job of tolerating me following them around with a camera ready at all times!)

As you can see, he is never alone. (Ha Ha) Lizzie jumped up onto Mike and decided to lie there with him while he was using the ice therapy brace.

This is what his knee looked like when we took off the bandaging. Ick! Of course it looked much better after we cleaned the wounds with peroxide. He doesn't have to wear the bulky bandaging now. We just have to keep the wounds clean and covered with steri-strips. Bathing is an issue because he hasn't yet been released to get the wounds wet (other than dabbing them with peroxide).

He goes back to the doctor for his post-operative check-up on Wednesday when he will be given a brace to wear.

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