Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Ready for a Wedding

My friend's daughter is getting married this Saturday and I am the wedding director. This is my first time directing a wedding :O. We've been really busy today, setting up tables and decorating the fellowship hall for the reception. The bride's family is doing most everything themselves, with the help of friends, as opposed to hiring out everything. I am honored to be included in the planning and the implementation of all the details! I decided to take today and tomorrow off school so I can devote the full day to helping them.

The bride prefers a simple, yet very tasteful style and she is decorating with lots of live plants and pots of mums wrapped in white tulle. Simply gorgeous! Everything is coming together nicely, and it is going to be really beautiful.

This is actually the third wedding in which I've been privileged to help with all the decorating, etc. I have learned much, so hopefully by the time my Kate gets married (many years from now, as she is only 15) I will have mastered the art of wedding construction right down to the tiniest of details!

Maybe I will have some pictures to post tomorrow.

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