Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Wedding

I shot my first wedding recently, for a friend's daughter. I vehemently expressed that I am not a professional photographer, and weddings should definitely be shot by a professional!

I am comfortable shooting sports pictures, natural outside photo shoots and things of that nature. But a wedding... my heart still skips a beat just thinking about it.

Obviously I was very nervous, for you only have one shot to get it right. You don't get a do-over when shooting a wedding, you know.
And I didn't have a second shooter, so I knew the risks, and so did the bride. But she was comfortable with that. So I haltingly agreed to shoot the wedding.

Of course I didn't put all 500+ pictures on here, but I did put quite a few!

"Oh no you don't! Get back here, Mister!"

the father of the bride, demonstrating in no uncertain terms what will happen to the groom should he fail to take care of daddy's little girl :-)

mother and daughter

the beautiful bride

sweet little flower girl

"Walk me down the aisle daddy; it's just about time."

awaiting the first glimpse of his bride

"Does my wedding dress look pretty, Daddy?"

"Daddy, don't cry."

the kiss

Dreams really do come true

father-daughter dance

As mother of the bride stated, "You are never too old or too dressed up to chase bubbles."

off to their happily ever after

This experience brought me out of my comfort zone, and while I by no means consider myself ready to go pro, this opportunity did give me a bit of a self-confidence boost in my picture-taking abilities. Of course, it also showed me that I have LOTS of room for imrovement!


  1. Okay I'm dying to know - WHAT was that groom's cake? :)

  2. HaHa Barbara! That is a sword in its sheath on his cake. And after cutting a slice, the groom stabbed the knife into the cake and left it there!


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