Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Fun 2013

Well, summer is over and school is back in full swing around these parts. I really hate to say good-bye to summer! I love the lazy, laid-back days of just doing much of nothing :).

Of course, I do enjoy the fall. The nice mild-weather days. The structure and habit of daily routines. Well... we eventually get there!

I've been looking back through my pictures from our summer travels and I thought I'd share some of our highlights.

We decided to take Lizzie to the beach. We live within driving distance of the beaches of Georgia, but we've never taken her with us. So, we thought she might like the beach, too.

It will probably be her last trip to the beach, though, as she didn't seem to care much for it!
Mike had to travel to the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area in Texas, so he asked if I'd like to come along. Well, he didn't have to ask me twice! Mike hates to fly, so he asked if his company would cover the cost of a rental car for us to drive (14 hours!) and they agreed. So... we took a road trip, dividing up the driving time over two days there and two days back, allowing time to stop and visit points of interest along the way!
out of Georgia and into Alabama
The only stop we made here was a lunch break in Opelika, Alabama.
out of Alabama, into Mississippi
Here, we stopped for supper and to spend the night in Clinton, Mississippi. The next morning we got up and drove into Vicksburg. Anyone want to venture a guess as to what point of interest we toured here? If you guessed Vicksburg National Military Park and Civil War Battlefield site, you are correct!

Afterwards, it was on to the muddy waters of the Mississippi River...
out of Mississippi and into Louisiana
We didn't even put our feet down in this state, just drove right on through...
out of Louisiana, into Texas
Once crossing the border into Texas, I quickly realized we still had a long way to go. Texas is a mighty big state!
Mike wanted to tour the Dallas Cowboys Stadium while we were there. He's a huge football fan!

Inside owner Jerry Jones's private suite on the 50-yard line. And how does Jerry Jones get into his private suite? Via his own private elevator, of course.

football shaped lights

This is the concessions area for club level ticket holders. Looks more like a fancy hotel lounge than a concessions area. Were it not for this VIP tour my husband took us on, I would never have known that something like this existed in a football stadium. Being the "common folk" that I am, I would never spend enough money on tickets to be able to eat in this area :).

inside the Cowboys' locker room

the press conference room

the $6.1 million facilities for the Dallas Cowboys
My husband had to be at work there for two days. So, my intentions were to spend one day just relaxing around the hotel, catching up on some reading, that sort of thing. And on the second day I wanted to take the car and do a little sightseeing on my own. But, we found out the rental car insurance wouldn't cover me as a driver (weird, I know). The taxis were more expensive than I thought they would be, and my husband didn't want me taking the bus by myself, so I spent both days hanging out at the hotel, instead.
On our way back home, we stopped in West Monroe, Louisiana to visit the Duck Commander warehouse and store.
No one from the show was here that day, but it was neat to see where they do the filming. We bought a few items from their store, took a few photos, and were back on our way.
The ride home took much longer than the ride out there. We drove through so many heavy rainstorms and had to drive so much slower. And when we weren't driving through rainstorms, it seemed we were driving through LOTS of areas of road construction, and had to drive slowly there, too.
We were so ready to get home, we thought about driving all the way in one day, but due to those conditions, and me not being able to drive the rental car, we did stop in Montgomery, Alabama to spend the night.
I had a great time on this road trip, but I was really glad to see this sign!

We spent a few days at the beach before everyone had to start back to school. This time, we went to Daytona Beach, Florida. We've been there once before, years ago, but I don't remember the water being as clear and pretty as it was on this trip. It was really nice! Made me wish we would've had a  full week to spend there!
exploring the beach, always on the lookout for shells
eating supper at Johnny Rocket's at Ocean Walk

rainbow at the beach
watching the sunrise on the beach

my bedroom balcony view of the beautiful sunrise

It doesn't get much better than this :)

Well, we had an awesome summer and I am sad to see it go, but I know that the fall holds many enjoyable days ahead as well. As much as I love summer, I do get excited about the new school year!
I hope your summer was super, and that you too, are looking forward to fall!

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  1. love all your pics. It was a great summer here too but I am getting a little bit excited about fall.

    Love you


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