Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Will's 15th Birthday!

This is what happens when you neglect your blog. You spend countless hours trying to catch up on life that has already happened. You write posts about birthdays that have come and gone. You sit in front of a blank computer screen thinking, "Geesh, It's the end of July and I'm writing about my son's birthday that we celebrated back in November." Don't be like me. Don't neglect your blog!

This handsome young man turned 15 this past November. I can't believe my baby is 15. I know, I say that about EVERYTHING (I can't believe...)!! My baby, my youngest child, is really 15. I just have to let that sink in for a minute. Why do they have to grow up so fast? Ah, but that's what kids do. Speaking of youngest, I guess he really is going to be the caboose in our family. We have hoped and prayed for God to bring us more children through the miracle of adoption, but for three years now, He's been silent on that topic. But, more on that at another time. This post is about Will.

blowing out 15 candles

Strawberry cheesecake is his favorite, and that's usually what he asks for when it comes to birthday cakes. This year, he may have gotten gyped. Rather than making a nice "real" cheesecake, I took the liberty of making one of those Jello No Bake Cheesecakes. In a graham cracker crust pie shell. Nothing fancy, but he didn't complain. That's one of Will's greatest qualities, he doesn't complain about much. He's going to make some lucky young lady happy one day.

opening his gift 

An iPod Touch, the only thing he asked for. Well, really he didn't even ask for it. I suggested it. That's another one of Will's wonderful qualities... he's not very picky. Did I mention, he's going to make some young lady very happy one day?

He's been rather pleased with his iPod. His brother helped him choose some songs to load on it. He chose a few apps to download, and a few games.

His brother surprised him with a gift.

They tell me it's a Dragon Ball. From the tv series Dragon Ball Z. What does he do with it? It's a collectible. That means it sits on his dresser and collects dust. But hey, if he's happy I'm happy.

Happy Birthday Will! (Even though it's not really your birthday any more.)

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