Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Getting Caught Up!

I'm still trying to play the catch up game. I haven't kept up my blog like I need to. For some reason, I've not really felt an urge to blog, and that makes me sad. Because this blog is sort of like my journal. It's just a place for me, really, more than for readers or followers. I use this place to chronicle my family's life, the big moments yes, but mostly just the little day to day moments that make up our lives.

I blame instagram for this, lol. It is just so easy to post pictures immediately, and to share a bit of our life that way. But after being back here for a few days, I realize how much I've missed it.

So my next few blog posts will be about life that has already happened. Things and events that have come and gone, but things that I want to remember, just the same.

Like this post for instance, this post about Savannah.

I've been to Savannah lots of times. It's only about 105 miles from where I live. I've been there for doctors appointments. I've been there for shopping. I've been there on school field trips. But until recently, I'd never toured the historic district. Crazy, I know, because if there's a historic district in a city, I'm usually all over it!

Mike's sister and her husband had planned a weekend trip to Savannah the weekend before Thanksgiving, and they invited us to go along. We were able to spend only one night and have one full day for touring, but of course, we said yes!

strolling along River Street at night

 River Street is very beautiful at night!

Here we are, ready to depart on a trolley tour of the historic district.

Chippewa Square - This is where a scene was filmed in the movie, Forrest Gump. The bench he sat on had to be moved indoors to a museum because people kept chipping off pieces of the bench for souvenirs!

We toured the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, one of the most beautiful Catholic cathedrals I've ever seen!

We ate lunch at The Lady & Sons, Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah. Yum!

Just browsing in the gift shop while waiting to be seated...

This is Mike's chicken pot pie. Look at that crust!

Time to walk off some of those many calories we consumed at Paula Deen's!

on River Street

And here we are at the scene of another movie that was filmed in Savannah... In the movie, Something to Talk About, this is where Julia Roberts confronted her cheating husband, Dennis Quaid in the restaurant.

my sister-in-law and me

You definitely need more than one day for touring Savannah, even if you're only touring the historic district. Fortunately, Mike and I were able to go back to Savannah in January. More on that later!

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