Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Holidays Are For Families

We drove home to Alabama to visit with our families for the holiday weekend. I've mentioned before that both my family and dh's family live in the same town, so that means we have to share our time between them. And that means that we don't get to spend much time with either family. Sometimes I wish our families lived in different towns so we could go visit one family for one holiday and then visit the other family for the next holiday, and so on...

But, we have learned to make the best of the situation.

On this trip, we spent Saturday with my family and Sunday with dh's family. We shared with them our heart concerning the orphan, and how we have allowed the Lord to lead us on this journey to adopt. Both of our families were supportive, and that was a relief to me. You just never know how family will react to things!

I also was able to spend some one-on-one time with my step-mother. We each had the opportunity to share our hearts! I am truly thankful to the Lord that He allowed us this time together. We have been a blended family for 12 years now, but the bond has been slow to form. My heavenly Father knew just how much I needed this. He is beyond faithful! He is the giver of my heart's desires!

We had a blessed visit, indeed. I will leave you with some photos of our weekend...

stopped at a rest area for Lizzy to take care of her business

visiting with my step-mother

view of my parents' campsite at the lake

youngest son and a friend

dd with Lizzy

dh with Lizzy

enjoying God's wonderful creation

dd with my nieces, and Lizzy

dh watching Auburn football with his father.
They are both AU alumni!

Lizzy, meeting Cyrus. My, he's so big!

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  1. Methinks Lizzy is as much a part of the family as the rest! She's precious. :)


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