Thursday, September 9, 2010


Pondering God's wonderfully magnificent creation...

Marveling at His majestic creativity... how everything has an intricate design... how He weaves a beautiful tapestry of nature... just because He can.

Thanking Him for choosing to display His glory, His splendor in such a way that I can enjoy it... enjoy Him.

Reveling in the fact that He has chosen to reveal Himself to me... to make His glory known to me... to bathe me in His mercy and grace.

May you delight yourself in His glory and goodness this day. 


  1. You sound a lot like Psalm 8:3-4. :)

    Just imagine - if this is fallen creation, what must the restored creation be? Something to look forward to...

  2. Oh how right you are Barbara! I can hardly wait! When I looked up those verses, it made me smile!

  3. I love all your pics! I smile real big when I saw Lizzy! Everyone here is talking about YOUR dog and how she is so much cuter than our Daisy! lol



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