Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adoption Update (Pt. 4)

The "adoption lady" came by yesterday. She had to take pictures of our house, and verify that we have made the necessary changes in and around our house to bring it into conformity with state guidelines. Who knew there could be so many guidelines??

She told me about a sibling group of 4 (yes, 4!) that she is trying to find a family for, and how she thought they would be a perfect fit for our family because they love sports as much as we do! Unfortunately, we don't have room for 4 more (those were her words, not mine) based on our house size.

When I told my husband about it, he choked out the comment, "Four?!?" I had to laugh. And I have to keep reminding myself that, although he hears the Lord, loud and clear, telling us to adopt, he moves a bit more slowly and cautiously than I do in regards to life-altering decisions. I think, in his mind, he is okay with the Lord adding more children to our family one at a time. But when he thinks of adding them in multiples, it kind of scares him.

Well, we are definitely getting "closer." And we are growing more excited about just "who" the Lord has already chosen for us.


  1. I am sure that in the end -- much like Jonah -- I would listen to the Lord if he told me 'FOUR' but I can only imagine how I would drag my feet so that I would not move too fast. 8-)

  2. Yes four would give me pause too! I have a friend that has adopted many - she did adopt 3 at one time. She now has 6 all adopted.


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