Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tornadoes and Torn Lives

Our spring break is coming to a close. Will went to the beach with a friend's family for a few days. Kate and I were able to accompany Mike on a business trip to Birmingham, Alabama on Monday and Tuesday. Ryan was at college, as his spring break was a few weeks ago.

But my heart is heavy as I ponder the destruction, the devastation, the loss of lives from the day of twisters through the state of Alabama.

We left Birmingham just ahead of all the horrible storms that were to come. Devastating. No other words to describe it. I think at last count, the death toll was at around 200 people. My niece is a student at the University of Alabama, and she and her roommates were not in the direct path of any of the tornadoes. But the town of Tuscaloosa, as well as Birmingham, suffered devastating effects, and many lives were lost.

I have been in awe of the tremendous amount of damage done, as evidenced by the many photos and video footage seen not only in the news, but on facebook as well, posted by friends and family. This has literally hit close to home. I am humbly grateful that all of our family were kept safe through the storms. So many are having to pick up the pieces, to find a way to carry on...

I want to share some pictures that my niece, Amy, took. This is just some of the damage done in the town where she lives. I am so very thankful that her life was spared.

As I look through her album of photos on facebook, I am reminded anew of just how small this world really is. And just how short our lives really are. Please pray for these people as they try to pick up the pieces and start over.

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  1. Glad your niece was not in harm's way.... We watched all the weather info on the news... horrible! We had a couple of tornadoes here on Monday, but they are NOTHING like what other parts of the country get....


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