Monday, April 16, 2012

Some of My Pictures of Late

Some of my pictures...

These are pictures I took of my great-niece

Anna Bailey
March 19, 2012

And these are pictures I have taken at some of my daughter's softball games...


  1. Your niece is absolutely precious!

    I notice All of Grace in your reading list - that one was life-changing for me, and I have had the pleasure to give away a number of copies in both English and Spanish. I had grown up in the gospel of "ask Jesus into your heart and then live a good life", which is no Gospel at all, and walked away from church altogether after it failed me wasn't until after the Lord brought me to the end of myself, and then by His great Providence led me to hear Paul Washer preach that "ask Jesus into your heart is the biggest heresy in the evangelical world" and mention Spurgeon, that I got a copy of All of Grace with a CD attached to it and drove home hearing from the Scripture that "While we were without strength, in due time, Christ died for the ungodly" and all that that means. No one had EVER told me that before, and I grew up in the church! One later recipient of a copy of that book was a patient of mine, a man in his 70s who had been a lifelong Baptist and faithful member of his church, and in reading that he became convicted of the fact that he had never truly known the Lord; he had been a false convert all his life...and he cried out to the Lord and was saved...and his life began to bear the fruit of that. I find that chapter 11, "Alas! I can do nothing!" is one I refer myself and others back to time and time again. Precious, wonderful book by the Prince of Preachers.

    1. Thanks Barbara! I am pretty sure you are the one who suggested All of Grace to me. I have finally started reading it. As you can see by my reading list I try to read too many books at one time and then it seems to take me forever to finish any of them! I thought that by creating a reading list on my blog it would help me stay on track, but alas, it has not. I suppose I should just pick one and finish it!


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