Saturday, March 28, 2009

College Registration Today

Though not exactly a great day for being out, today was early registration at Brewton-Parker College, where my first-born will be attending this fall. We had to be there by nine, so the oldest of my children and I headed out alone this morning. No rain, but plenty of dreary grey skies covered us on our journey. It was a fun time for us and very informative, as well.

We got the full tour of the college campus this time around. The rain held off for the tour, but once we were on our own, the rain came. Downside to son and I looked like two drenched rats by the time we left this afternoon. And we even bought one of those big umbrellas with the college logo on it at the campus bookstore! Upside to this...the memories I'll always have...the two of us huddled together, my son holding the umbrella over our heads, me stepping in every puddle along the way, lol! It was great!

Well, he's scheduled for the classes he wants to take when fall semester rolls around in August; he's signed up for the dorm he wants to be in, with the room-mate he requested; he's excited about college. Me? I just feel like we haven't yet closed the door on one chapter of his life before opening the door to another. I'm going to try to be brave and not succumb to the tears right now.

God promises His grace is sufficient. I will rest in that.


  1. My friend... I sat here reading and my eyes filled with tears. It is ok to cry. God will continue to prepare your heart but again it is ok to cry. We will always always be their mama. I know you know this... HUGS... memories is exactly what you are making. Keep making them... and give God the glory... for Ryan walks in TRUTH... your hearts are connected.

    I love you~

  2. Wow college!!! How exciting!
    What a milestone that is!

  3. I was trying to be upbeat in my comments about it being a milestone and how exciting this time is --- still it is hard to let them go. Very hard. Although there are times when I look at my 13 year old and hope it will come soon. I know when the time comes I won't be ready. It is so hard to let them go out on their own. I hope and pray that I have done my job to give them the tools and faith in God that they will need to make the right choices as they continue on their path. As parents we have to rest in that - and in prayer - that through prayer God (who is the best parent) will watch over them lovingly even better than we could ourselves.


  4. You are right Debbie. It is both exciting and hard, all at the same time! I know that God holds my children in His hands, and I know that my son is walking in truth. And I keep telling myself that God certainly will watch over him better than I can. Still....when I look at him, at times, I see that small boy who used to reach up to grasp my hand...(here come the tears again!) And the funny thing is, the college he plans to attend is only about 30 miles or so from our home, lol.

    I don't friend, Teena, keeps telling me that as the time to let go gets here, God will give me the grace to accept it. (She has 2 who've finished high school and gone on to college.)

    I know what you mean about what you said of your 13 year old. My daughter just turned 13 in February!

    Thanks for your input. I appreciate it. I know that God uses our friends (those we see all the time, as well as those we've only met on-line) to encourage us along the way!


    P.S. Since I'm new to blogging, I wasn't sure if I should reply to your comment on my blog, or to post it on your blog, so I posted on both. Lol!

  5. Yes, God will sustain you when the time comes. It's SO HARD! I posted a blog entry a couple of years ago when our dd moved out... saying goodbye, Goodnight Amanda, driving off without, etc. can all be found here:

    It was incredibly hard. The most difficult thing we've endured yet as parents. It was sad to realize that the end of a season had begun and I wasn't ready. It has been almost 2 years now and it has gotten much easier, but we still miss having her around our home on a regular basis.


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