Friday, May 1, 2009

An Update

My fil continues to improve. He is residing in the rehabilitation/therapy unit of the local nursing home. The doctors told him he has to stay for therapy for 20 days; as of today, 5 days down, 15 to go! He is doing very well, but we continue to covet your prayers.

On a side note, he was released from the hospital on the day after the first case of swine flu was diagnosed in the state of Georgia; the patient was admitted into the same hospital where my fil was located. This pandemic has now hit "close" to home for us.

We will be traveling to north Georgia today for my son's baseball games. His team has made it through the first round of the State Play-offs, and is in the second round this weekend! It's a double-header today. Gotta love baseball!


  1. YIKES. The swine flu is close when it's near someone you know. Glad your fil is doing better. Have fun with bb. That's one sport our boys have not been interested in although our girls played when they were young.

  2. Praying for healing for your FIL.


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