Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Weekend

Spring is in the air! My nose tells me so (in good ways and bad). Spring Revival started at our church this morning...we've been able to spend more time outside (yeah!!) working in the yard...watching birds visit our feeders...watching the antics of the squirrels at our bird feeders...collecting tadpoles...older son enrolled in LifeSkills 101 (smile). And an update...fil continues to improve from surgery (PTL)...still in hospital...but walking some now. They are trying to regulate his blood pressure...he should be released from the hospital soon. It's been a good weekend! I'll leave you with some photos.

The cardinals are just so beautiful!

Notice his mate on the branch to the right of the feeder.

This is just funny.

Look closely to find the tadpoles...they're kinda hard to see.

Working in the yard

Life Skills 101: Changing the Oil

Son under the car

Daughter and dog had to see what was going on under there

This was worth just sitting, waiting and watching (what my husband calls "doing absolutely nothing")
Can you see his mate?


  1. Love the pics. Spring is here. If I do not walk early it is hot out there. I love everything green. We planted our small garden.

    We have been watching our birds too but not as much as you!


  2. Fun to see photos of your family going about their day!

  3. I love the pictures of the birds. My kids have been thrilled to see we have a robin nesting in the tree right outside our front window. The nest is visible from our living room. The boys can't wait until the babies hatch. Right now we see her sitting on her nest. Prior to that we got to watch her building the nest and that was quite a process. Was she busy!! I am always amazed that with just a beak they can weave a nest.


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