Monday, April 6, 2009

Mom, Come See This Treefrog!!

Reading Ann Voskamp's recent post reminded me of this frog we found on our back door last week. We see little tree frogs on our back door quite regularly around here spring through fall. So when my younger son came running to me, saying "Mom, we found the biggest tree frog ever!" I have to admit I was not quite as excited about it as he was. Of course since these frogs are quite the norm around here, my response was, "That's great honey!" He wasn't going to let it end at that, however. So of course, I had to go see it! He was right; it was definitely the biggest tree frog we'd ever seen! The kids were excited...daughter ran to get the camera (she's my photographer around here!). "Maybe we've found a new species!" were the excited cries I heard from the kids. Of course, they had to get Dad and older brother in on this, too! You can see hubby's hand in the photo as well as older son's face, for size comparison. After taking pictures, daughter and younger son get out field guide to decide what kind of frog it is. We think it is a leopard frog, but not really sure. If you can identify it, feel free to let us know what you think. Anyway, it was fun for us and I thought I'd share!



  1. Hi! That is a great looking frog. I'll have to show my kiddos!
    Thanks again for the comment over at my blog. I did send you a personal email, so check your spam folder :) Just in case you didn't get it yet. I haven't sent the link for my ebook yet, but will get to that asap.

    Have a wonderful week!
    Homeschooling Is Life!

  2. wow what a cool frog. YOU mentioned this yesterday but we went right into another subject... you know me talking too much.

    I love your new look. Wow you post often and with pics. I do hope to get high speed before the end of century! It would make things so much easier. :)

    YOU are a great friend and I love you.


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