Thursday, April 23, 2009

Field Trip

I have to say that I love field trips as much as my children do! And I always learn as much as they do! Today we visited a nuclear electricity plant.

Plant Hatch sits on a 2,244-acre tract that accomodates two reactor units in massive containment buildings and eight cooling towers, a turbine room the size of two football fields, a state-of-the art control room, an environmental lab, a high-voltage switch yard and substation, and a visitors center that is open to the public all year for scheduled tours. More than 800 people - including engineers, mechanics, reactor operators, lab technicians, instrument and control technicians, electricians and security officers - oversee the plant's operations and maintain its system and facilities.

testing for radiation levels

We learned how power plants produce electricity, how nuclear plants are different from most electricity-producing plants; we learned about things like fission and fusion, uranium and radiation. We learned how these nuclear plants maintain public safety. It was very interesting and pretty cool, too.

testing our knowledge (how well we paid attention
to the nice lady)

how much energy can we produce?


  1. As a homeschooling Dad and photographer (hobby) I love that you add so many photos to your blog. These are great.

  2. That's cool that they do the demonstrations there like that, I didn't know they had all that going on for the kids!


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