Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Update on the Repairs/Remodeling

This sure has been a long, drawn out process. But thank goodness hubby is now out of the outage schedule and back to normal working hours. So we're almost done with these repairs.
hallway painted and carpet ripped out
ripping up the hardwood floor
Hubby said this was the hardest part of the whole process. Ripping up this small section of hardwood floor required way more effort than anything else we had to do. When they put down hardwood, it's not going anywhere! That stuff was glued down something fierce!
After spending about 30 minutes to accomplish removing the small section you see in the picture above, hubby was wishing we had decided to leave that area alone! But we decided not to put carpet back down the hallway, and opted for laminate flooring instead. And I picked out a darker wood grain, so I wanted both areas to have the same look.

The flooring in the children's bathroom had to go, too. So, I decided now was as good a time as any to redo this room as well.

removing the wallpaper border... bye-bye fishies
Remember what I mentioned previously about chaotic clutter?
MmmHmm, see what I mean?

All those pictures piled up on the floor used to hang on the walls in the hallway. And all the luggage and bags, and everything else piled up there used to be in the hall closet. Now everything is piled on the floor in my bedroom.

At least I've made a small walking path around the bed.

And then, there's everything from the school room, all crowded into my kitchen. Well, not everything. All the bookcases were moved out to the garage, along with the furniture from the living room.


living room, ready for new carpet

empty school room with a new coat of paint
Thankfully, the living room and school room had to be empty (and no carpet) for only two days. And that was long enough to be without furniture and a nice, soft floor. Aren't we so spoiled? Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen problems with getting the laminate flooring, the hallway remained a bare concrete slab for over a week.
With the exception of the children's bathroom, we're pretty much through with most of what needed to be repaired from the leak behind the wall. Thankfully, my living room and what used to be my school room are back to normal again. Yay!
When we finish the bathroom, I'll share pictures of all the finished rooms.

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  1. Amazing what one little leak will do, isn't it? Bless your heart!


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