Sunday, March 3, 2013

Coming Along

We now have the hole in the wall repaired and I'm almost finished painting in the living room.

sheetrock patched and primed for paint

first coat of paint on
I've spent the past three days painting.
I've been saying I need to start doing some toning exercises for my arms, and boy can I tell I'm really getting a workout. Too bad it's only in one arm.

It's beginning to get kind of crowded in here now. We've had to push everything into the middle of the room so I can paint.


We thought about painting just the one wall that had to be repaired, maybe painting it an accent color and leaving the rest alone. But, the walls really needed a new coat of paint anyway, some more so than others.
So, I figured if I've got to paint one wall, I might as well paint the rest.

I have that one wall left to paint and I'll be finished with the living room. However, as you can see, that wall goes right down the hallway. So, I still have a good bit of painting left to do.
Unfortunately, I don't do well with clutter and chaos. It tends to cause me a great deal of stress, and tomorrow will be three weeks since this started. It was bad enough when it was just a hole in the wall and carpet ripped off part of the floor. Now with all the furniture crammed into the middle of the room and nothing in its place, my living room seems to have been transformed into an obstacle course.
 It doesn't help that everything that used to be neatly organized and stored within the cabinets and shelves of the bookcases that were ruined by the water, is now sitting in cluttered stacks in various rooms of my house.
Like this.

And this.

And this.
It probably wouldn't take so long if this hadn't happened while dh is in the outage schedule. There's just no time for him to get things done around here.
Good grief! It's enough to make me go AGGHHH!!!!! Like Charlie Brown does when Lucy pulls the football away while he's trying to kick it. :)

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