Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Softball Season Opener

It's that time of year again.


I enjoy watching most all sports. We are big sports fans here at our house, so you will pretty much find us involved to some degree in sports year round.

I do love watching my daughter play softball. God has gifted her with much talent in this area, and it's just fun to watch her, and the whole team for that matter.

2013 Lady Eagles

my dh, the coach

Today was our first game, actually two games... we played a double-header. We were supposed to play this game last week, but we had SO MUCH rain last week it was impossible to play ball.

pre-game pep talk

We won the first game 25 - 2 in three innings. Yes, I did feel sorry for the other team. Bless their hearts, they made so many errors. The second game wasn't quite as bad, 15 -0 in three innings.

dd and dh talking while the pitcher is warming up

Kate pitched both games, and she did a fabulous job!

I didn't get to take as many pictures as I usually do because I was drafted into being the bookkeeper this time. Our bookkeeper from previous years no longer has a daughter playing on the team, so she didn't volunteer to continue this job. So... since none of the other parents know how to keep the book, I was drafted by my husband, the coach.

I don't know how to keep the book either. I received a crash course from my husband just one hour before the game. :O

And it's harder than it looks, too. My goodness, the details involved in keeping the score book! Was it a hit, or was it an error? Did the runner advance because of a passed ball, or was it a stolen base? Did the shortstop throw the runner out at first? And every scenario has several symbols and keys to know and mark in the book. I get dizzy just thinking about it all!

Later at home, my husband was looking over the book, and he said I didn't do too bad, haha. There were a few times when I missed whether it was a hit or an error. And that is important to know for stat purposes. These girls want to know their stats and they take it seriously.

So, I kind of enjoyed learning something new today, but I won't be very happy if I get to the last game and have no pictures of my child's softball season. :(

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