Monday, March 15, 2010

Scuba Training

My youngest is taking a scuba diving training course. He's so excited! He loves the underwater world...wants to be a wildlife biologist, possibly a marine biologist when he grows up. He will be finished with his training by the time we go on our beach vacation in May, so he's excited about getting to go diving with us. My oldest started a training course last year. He's finished with all the course work, but due to sports conflicts while in high school, he never finished his checkout dives. Then he just kind of lost interest. Now my daughter wants to begin scuba training, so we may have all three involved in this at one time! I do think it will be fun for all of us to go diving together!

Here are some photos my husband took of our little fellow at his skills class...

he is third from the left

he is third to the right of "yellow fins"

participating in the tired diver tow

his turn to tow a tired diver

the smile says it all...

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