Saturday, March 27, 2010

This and That

I have a tendency to get behind on posting things before I completely forget about them! Thank goodness I love to take pictures. I was going through some of them last night and realized that I had quite a few different things I wanted to post about, but just never had the time to...

So...I decided to combine a few posts here together.

My First Wildflowers This Year

He didn't know I was watching through the kitchen window...

He wants to surprise me...I have to pretend that I wasn't watching...

Aren't they beautiful???

 This next one is from quite a while back, while my oldest son was still living on campus at college. At Christmas break he moved back home and began commuting.

This Is Why We're Paying for Him to go to College???

Let's or Guitar Hero?

Working on the Online Course for Scuba Training

my two youngest, with Dad overseeing


  1. love your pics! Also the freedom post.... :)


  2. oh and you figured it out... huh? Love your new look!


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