Monday, January 17, 2011

Sickness, Sickness, Please Go Away

I must say this past month has certainly been challenging, with the car wreck, and the unusually high volume of sickness running rampant in my home. My Explorer is still in the body shop, *sigh* and I'm still driving Granddaddy's Buick. And let me say how very grateful I am that he has loaned it to us (lest I appear unappreciative)!

Kate woke up this morning still feeling blah, but since she had no fever, she wanted to go to school. She didn't want to miss the basketball game tonight (even though her dad told her she would not be playing anyway because of her cough and chest pains). I suggested she stay home and stay in bed today, but she is my stubborn my hard-headed my strong-willed child :) So, off to school she went, only to call home after 3rd period asking me to pick her up because she couldn't get her coughing under control.

I checked her out of school and of course, made an appointment with the doctor. I did hesitate to make the appointment though, and only decided in favor of seeing the doctor this soon because she is complaining with her chest hurting. She tends to get bronchitis easily. The doctor tested Kate for strep throat and the flu, and ordered x-rays of her lungs.

And Will (poor Will) is sick again, too. He awoke this morning with a fever of 102.5. His complaints are headache, stuffiness and some nausea. He has slept for most of the day. Another school day lost. This child has already missed more than 3 weeks of school due to sickness. I will see how he fares through the night before making a decision about a doctor visit for him. I am concerned about his immune system since his recent brush with mono.

I thought I was all better, but today some of my symptoms have resurfaced. Is it only my imagination because I am surrounded by sickness? No, the cough is real enough, and so is the runny nose, and so is the congestion. To quote Charlie Brown, "Good grief!"

So today I started everyone on something called Immune Support, a combination of vitamin c, zinc and echinacea. Probably should have been taking this stuff all along...

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