Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just an Update on the Water Damage

My plans are to share updates on this water damage situation as we make progress.
Here's what has happened today...

getting to the problem


After determining exactly where the leak is, Mike feels pretty confident that he can replace the fitting himself. Hopefully, he can do it and we won't have to hire a plumber. Yay for saving money!
I already dusted this table once today, and look at it now.
I forgot to dust this today...

 looks like snow on my mantle...
 my living room, in its state of disarray...
Notice the white, powdery coating on my recliner.
I might not be able to stay in my house much longer if we don't get the moisture dried up and get these fans turned off. I've never seen so much dust all over everything in my house. And that's saying alot because we live on a dirt road, so I see lots of dust! And it has really caused my allergies to flare up. I have been sneezing and have had runny/stuffy nose and itchy eyes, sore throat from sinus drainage, and headaches.
In addition to all that, last night I started coughing, and today my chest has been hurting. It's probably turning into an upper respiratory infection :(. Mike wants me to go to the doctor tomorrow, but we'll see.
Yesterday, a lady from SERVPRO came to the house to check everything, and she said the fans would definitely need to run at least one more day. Then today, they sent out a man, and he said they will have to continue to run another day, but hopefully tomorrow they can be turned off. I hope so; these fans are so LOUD!
The carpet guy came out today to take measurements and give us an estimate. But, putting down the new carpet is going to have to wait awhile. We've got to get the plumbing repaired, then the wall repaired and painted first.

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