Friday, February 15, 2013

My Doctor Visit

Mike insisted that I make an appointment with my doctor today, so I did and he was able to see me this afternoon. At this point, he doesn't suspect my sickness is related to the mold in our house. I tested negative for strep throat. He said he could hear wheezing and some rattling in my chest, but he says it's not bronchitis or pneumonia. He diagnosed me with an upper respiratory tract infection. He also said both my ears are filled with fluid and are infected, as well. He prescribed an antibiotic, lots of fluids for this congestion, and lots of rest.

So, I propped myself up in the recliner with some good ol' chicken noodle soup and some sprite, and I've pretty much camped out here all evening. Ryan and I watched a movie together (when I wasn't dozing off).

Mike bought the materials needed to repair the plumbing fixture this afternoon, but when he began working on it, something else broke apart and he's not so sure he can fix it now. So, we will have to wait until the first of next week for the contractor to get a plumber for us.

The boys decided that 3 days without tv was long enough, so they have improvised and set up a makeshift entertainment center for the tv. :)

We love the Andy Griffith Show!

I haven't missed having tv at all, but I did tell Mike that the thrifty side of me really does not like paying for something that we can't use. So, I didn't complain too much when they brought the tv back in and reconnected it :).


  1. Awwe praying for you! Hope you feel better sooon!

    Love you.

  2. Hope you feel better soon!
    I disconnected my TV about 4-1/2 years ago and haven't missed it. I do make use of Netflix, though. Much more productive time, a lot less garbage. And waaaaaaay cheaper..... ;)

    1. I know what you mean Barbara. I would dearly love to see our tv go, but Mike can't seem to live without his espn channels (mostly just college football, but some other sports, too). I've looked at all sorts of cost-effective options, but the only way for us to get those channels is through cable or satellite. Unfortunately, due to our location we can't get an internet speed fast enough to stream anything, like Roku (but they don't stream espn channels anyway). So, until the Lord convicts Mike that we don't need tv, I just subscribe to the cheapest package, limit the amount of time the tv is on, make sure somebody has the clicker in hand at all times ready to turn the channel when a bad commercial comes on (most of the time we dvr any programs we want to watch, like Andy Griffith and ALF - those are our favs! - and skip the commercials). And I just pray, pray, pray!


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