Friday, November 12, 2010

Fathers and Daughters

Today is a special day for Mike and Kate. They have gone on a "Father/Daughter" trip! They are on their way, across the state from our home in south Georgia to Auburn, Alabama. Tonight they will spend the night with our niece and her husband, and tomorrow they will attend the Auburn vs Georgia college football game. They are both pretty excited because 1.) we are Auburn football fanatics! and 2.) this is Kate's first time going to a game with just Dad and no brothers! They promised to take lots of pictures for me.

I thought we might have a quiet evening around here with just the boys and me, but my youngest has asked to have a friend over to spend the night. So I can assure you, quietness has eluded this household! Really, that's alright with me because I'm quite used to chaos around here and not sure I'd know what to do with myself otherwise. I am thinking I might go to bed earlier than usual, though and snuggle up with a good book and a cup of decaf coffee.

I can hardly wait for tomorrow night. They should be arriving back home sometime around midnight. I'm happy for them to be able to have this time together, just father and daughter. But I really don't like it when my family is apart. I miss them so much! However, I know it's important and I'm thankful my husband has such a good relationship with each of our children.

And I'm especially thankful that he and our daughter find so many ways to relate to one another. That's one thing that I did not have while growing up, (and I am not sure my momma did either) and a girl needs so much to have a close relationship with her daddy. She needs someone to protect her, someone to guard her heart until it is given into her husband's care. She needs someone to look up to, a hero to model for her the qualities that she needs to seek in a future husband. She needs someone to lead her to Jesus, someone to help keep her focus on Him until He brings to her "the one."

God has chosen to provide that to Kate. And for that, I am grateful.

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  1. what a very special time for Kate & Mike. How great. You are blessed but you know that. ;)

    I know how you do not like being apart... praying for you.

    love the pic above!


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