Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Saga of Continuing Sickness...

The doctor did indeed call me last night. His bloodwork came back within normal range. She said his liver enzymes were a little high, but not so much as to cause concern. We're still waiting on the results of the CBC to determine if it is actually mono. He has felt sooo much better today. Still having bouts of fatigue, but thank the Lord, no fever! So far he seems to be on the road to "normal."

And just when we thought we were over that hump... Kate was sick when she came home from school yesterday :((( Sore throat, fever, stuffy nose, runny nose... agghhhh! We have a doctor in town who has night-time hours (????) kind of like an after-hours clinic, only he doesn't open until 8:00 pm. And since we plan to travel for Thanksgiving, I thought I should find out what she has. So I took her there last night.

We had to wait an hour before we were taken back to an examining room. The waiting room was hot and stuffy. Not an empty chair in the room. Sick people coughing and sneezing all over the place. I could just feel the germs multiplying and spreading. Ick!

The diagnosis: upper respiratory infection. The prescribed treatment: amoxicillin for the infected sinuses, zyrtec for the nasal symptoms, saline nasal spray for the stuffiness, tylenol for the fever and aches, lozenges for the sore throat, sleep propped up on extra pillows to promote drainage... and a shot of decadron to reduce inflammation of the sinuses.

Just a few minutes after the shot, I was in the receptionist area, paying for the visit when all of sudden, Kate said she had to throw up. I looked at her and right before my eyes, I watched the color literally drain from her face. She told me she couldn't see clearly, that everything was blurry. Then she said she couldn't hear anything. She was frightened. Then she said everything was getting dark. Now I was frightened. We got her into a chair and she didn't faint, but she did start to vomit.

I guess one of the nurses went for the doctor, because all of sudden, he was there, telling them to get her back in the examining room onto the table. He had her elevate her feet and lie with her head lower than the rest of her body. He said she had just experienced a sudden drop in blood pressure. That she was fine. He gave her a sprite and told her to sip it slowly. He stayed with her and talked to her in a calming, reassuring way for about 5 minutes. We just love this doctor! Then we were on our way home.

Geesh, what a night! I decided to forgo any medications since her stomach might be sensitive after that little episode. I just tucked her into bed and called it a night!

She has felt okay today, not normal, but okay. Taking her medicines, and Will's still taking his.

And I'm trying very hard not to ask "What next????" But in the midst of it all, I am grateful that the Lord has given me His strength to endure these last 8 days. And I am thankful that I am able to take care of my children, to nurse them back to good health. And I am thankful that it is not something more serious that we could be going through.


  1. Oh I sympathize. My oldest we took in two weeks ago for sinus, ear stuff. He had a sever ear infection but the sinus was yet an infection - but heading that way. I do hope your children will all be well soon. And hopefully it won't affect your Thanksgiving plans.

  2. Are you all well now? Hoping everyone has healed.


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