Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sick Days

I have a sick little man at home today. Actually, he's been sick since Monday. The doctor suspected strep throat, but the test came back negative. So she tested for mono. That came back negative as well. She explained that you can get a false negative result, and based on his symptoms of sore throat (which looked like strep to her as well) and headache, she prescribed an antibiotic. He never had a temperature and he never felt really bad.

Until today. After two days of being on his medicine. When I woke him this morning, he felt as if he were burning up. I felt like such a bad momma, not checking on him during the night...

So he has spent most of today lying on the couch, alternating between watching tv and sleeping. Taking tylenol and advil, which has helped him to feel a little better, but has really done very little for keeping the fever down.

He threw up this afternoon, so I began to wonder if he has strep throat after all. A call to the pediatrician, and the nurse assured me that nausea and vomiting can go along with strep throat. But she took down these notes and told me the doctor would call me this evening.

So... waiting.

If you think of us, please say a little prayer. I feel so helpless when my children are sick.

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