Friday, November 19, 2010

Still Sick

He's still sick. It's been 5 days now. And Lizzy has hardly left his side.

I'm up to check for fever in the next little bit. It is easier to stay up and wait, than to go to sleep then wake up.

I will call the doctor in the morning (hmmm... it is morning). Just not sure this is strep. Wondering if it might be something viral, maybe flu? He has had aches and pains off and on throughout the day since Tuesday. He has slept alot. He has had temperatures ranging from a low-grade 99 degrees all the way up to 104 degrees! The last couple of days, he has had no appetite.

Just when I think he's getting better, the fever goes back up. Or the headache returns.

This morning when I woke him, his fever was back up to 102 degrees. A couple of advil and two hours later, he felt fine. Then he slept through lunch. He felt good for the first part of the afternoon. We even played a few games of Uno! Then he felt tired again, and the fever went back up...

talking to his big brother... he called to check on Will, and to wish him a happy birthday... Sorry Will, it wasn't such a happy one!

And there are stomach issues too. I wonder if that is a reaction to the antibiotic.

He has had strep throat once already this year, and it wasn't like this at all. Within a couple days of being on the antibiotic, he was back to normal. So uncertain.

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