Sunday, September 23, 2012

Busy Summer Days Give You Something to Think About

I have used my last few posts trying to get caught up from our overly busy summer. I've talked about all of our various road trips,  and our comings and goings. We did have a few lazy days at home, with nothing on the agenda.
I tried to focus most of my time over the summer on my kids. They're growing up so fast... changing so much.
Now, more than ever, I can see the importance of spending as much time with them as I can. Even in all of our busyness this summer, we were together. We were busy as a family. This time with them is so fleeting.
I used to think, when they were babies and toddlers (and even preschoolers),
that those nights of getting up with them at all hours, those nights of very little sleep, would never end.
I used to think that we'd be in the diaper stage, the crying stage, the terrible two's stage, the never-ending questions of a 5-year old stage--and any other "stage of life" you can think of--forever.
I used to think that we'd be on this roller coaster ride--you know, the one called puberty, with all the ups and downs associated with hormones--forever. Ok... well, actually we are still on that ride :0.
But my point is this: the stages come and the stages go.
The sleepless nights come to an end. They eventually stop crying. They finally learn to go potty... in the potty. They stop throwing fits, and sometimes they even stop asking you all those questions (although, as they get older, you learn to appreciate the fact that they ask you the hard questions, instead of going to questionable sources for answers). They outgrow all those stages.
You see? They grow up. So, I want to spend as much time with them now, while I can. My children are 21, 16, and 14 years old. I have been extremely fortunate in that the Lord has allowed me to stay home with them. He has provided for all our needs and I haven't had to work outside the home. I haven't had to carry the burden of trying to take care of my family and our home while working outside the home to help provide for our needs.
I am thankful for this time He has given me, to invest in their lives. And I can see that as I try to wisely use the time He has given me, to pour myself into them, He honors that. My children, my husband and I have a close relationship. Our hearts are bonded to each other and to God. And lest I start to sound as if I am bragging about that, let me be quick to point out that it is all Him. His grace alone. Nothing I have done. I look to Him, I seek His face, I seek His plan.
So, if you are in one of the hard places that I've talked about, if you are struggling to hold on through those different stages, be encouraged. Hold on to God, and know that you are in the very place He wants you, and He will bring you through it. And He will bless you in it.
Enjoy the time He has given you with your children. That's what I am trying to do. Because it goes by faster than you think.

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