Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fernandina Beach, FL

We have some friends who rent a beach house for the summer, and they invited us to spend a few days with them in July.
There's nothing our family enjoys more than spending time at the beach. Especially my husband.
That's him, out for a morning stroll, looking for shark's teeth.

It really wouldn't surprise me at all if, one day when he is nearing retirement, he suggests we buy a beach house and retire there!
And that would be alright with me, because I kinda like the beach too.
our daughter and her boyfriend
On our friends' boat ~ we are heading over to Cumberland Island to spend the afternoon on Georgia's largest barrier island, hoping to see the wild horses. And since it is a nature conservancy, hopefully we'll be able to see lots of other wildlife in its natural habitat.
our friends' daughter
some of the sights along the way
Fort Clinch - a 19th century fort that is now part of Florida's state park system
Strolling along looking for shells as we make our way around the island looking for the wild horses.
Of course, everyone wanted to ride the jet ski.

We found lots of evidence that the horseshoe crabs were molting. Unfortunately, we never saw the wild horses. Apparently they were on the other side of the island and we didn't walk all the way around it.
Such a peaceful, relaxing place... we love the beach.

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