Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six Flags and a Braves Game

A couple other fun trips this summer ~

We chaperoned our church youth group on two different trips -- one to Six Flags, and the other to an Atlanta Braves baseball game.
I'm not one for riding all the rides at amusement parks, but I'm always game for tagging along and watching everyone else have fun :).

Yep, I was more than happy to stand by and watch Mike and the boys in our group ride this one.
And this one.
Two buds, wishing they could take a spin in the Batmobile
On to the Braves game...
our high school youth group and chaperones
Kate and friends
my favorite pitcher
(He's a former Auburn player)
Will and Kyle
Hey look, there's Kate on the row behind the boys. I'll bet she's texting William ;).

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