Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our 2012-2013 School Year

I think I can say that after almost two months back in school, we have settled back into our "normal" routine. Normal -- don't you just love that word? What's normal anyway? Just a setting on the washing machine...

Ryan is back at college, at Georgia Southern University. This is his senior year. Wow... his senior year! He won't graduate this year though, because he has changed his major three times :o. Now he is a writing/linguistics major. This comes as no surprise to me because he has always been a writer. He's been writing stories since he was in 2nd grade! I guess the surprise is that it took him so long to realize this is where his heart is. He loves to write, and has been working on a series of books for a while now. He hopes to one day become a published author, and would love to make his living doing that.

This is what his course load looks like for this semester:

*Creative Writing and the Web
*Everyday Creative Writing
*Reading Like a Writer
*Careers in Writing and Linguistics

Kate is in 11th grade at Appling Christian Academy. I won't even ask where the time goes... *shake my head*. Things look a little different for her this year. She has decided to curtail some of her extra-curricular activities this time. She's not doing anything during football season. Of course, they don't have a cheer squad again this year. And this time she is not serving the football team as "H2O Specialist." She didn't want to try out for the volleyball team, either.

She says she isn't going to play basketball this year and she seems pretty firm in her decision. I can't say that I'm disappointed. We have been involved with the basketball team for the past seven years, with our children playing and my husband coaching. Not that I don't enjoy basketball, but... I've mentioned before how time-consuming that sport is. It'll be nice not to have to be out of the home so much... 2 to 3 nights per week at the games, Wednesdays at church. Plus, it's even more for Kate and Mike with practice every day that there's no game. This probably doesn't sound very nice, but no, I won't miss basketball.

This is what her schedule looks like:

*Bible, also a weekly young ladies bible study
*Grammar and Composition
*World History
*Algebra II
*Spanish I

Will is in 8th grade in home school. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well he has transitioned to completely independent work this year. When I say completely, I mean completely. As in teaching himself. If you're wondering why this is such a big deal to me, you can read here about his past struggles in school. Basically, the only thing we do together is a read aloud chapter book each day, and a Shakespeare story once a week. I just would not give up our read aloud time, and he can't quite understand Shakespeare without my help.

This is what his schedule looks like:

*Bible/Discipleship Training - read through the Bible
                                                 Big Truths For Young Hearts
*Math - Algebra I (using Teaching Textbooks, which I LOVE because he watches the lesson on the computer and then I only help as needed)
*Language/Grammar - Easy Grammar Plus
*History - Story of the World, volumes 3 and 4
                 George Washington's World
                 Abraham Lincoln's World
*Science - Exploring Creation With General Science
*Geography - Exploring Georgia (1st semester), (2nd semester, undecided)
*Literature selections - The Good Master
                                      The Testimony of Charlie Coulson
                                      Across Five Aprils
                                      Star of Light
                                      The Hobbit
                                      The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
                                      Hans Brinker
                                      Falcons of France
*History Biographies - Sacajawea
                                      Theodore Roosevelt
                                      Stonewall Jackson
*Science Biographies - Isaac Newton
                                      Alexander Graham Bell
                                      Michael Faraday
*Poetry selections from Rudyard Kipling and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
*Shakespeare - using Charles and Mary Lamb's Tales From Shakespeare

As you can see, in our home school we approach education from a literature-rich perspective.

As with every school year, I am excited about the endless possibilities of learning that abound, here in our home school and away at school. We are looking forward to the field trips, the co-ops, the extra-curricular activities, such as 4H for Will and softball for Kate, and all the little extras that add to the dimension of learning.

What is your school year shaping up to look like?

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