Sunday, September 23, 2012

Myrtle Beach, SC

Have I mentioned before how much we like the beach?
Yes, of course I have. We like it so much, we went twice this summer. I mentioned earlier that we have had an extremely busy summer, going more than usual. In fact, we'll be going to Panama City Beach for a fall break with my husband's sister and her family later this month.



I feel so safe, knowing I have my very own superheroes with me at all times :).
Our children enjoyed this movie-inspired restaurant very much.
They enjoyed taking a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about some of their favorite movies and tv shows from days gone by.
I don't think hubby realized I was taking a picture :)

Fun at Broadway at the Beach (love that place!)
Another new favorite thing we love to do (when we can) when we go on vacation is to see a dinner show. This was only our second one, and we absolutely loved it as much as the first one we saw.
a picture before we go inside
This show is the Pirates Voyage and it was amazing! Lots of aerial stunts and acrobats along with a fabulous menu. We enjoyed it very much!
We were seated on, and cheering for, the Sapphire Pirates. That's our server, Matt, in this picture.
Bless his heart, he burned his hand while serving, and had to make a trip to the ER!

Dinner shows are nice, and they are really fun, but they are a bit pricey, too. That's why we've only ever been to two!
one of the views from our bedroom

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