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Summer Vacation - Part 3 - Washington D.C.

This is the third and final post in this series of our vacation to the great state of Virginia and Washington, DC. If you missed the first two, and are interested, you can go here for part 1, and here for part 2.

We only allotted ourselves two days for touring DC, knowing full well that we'd never be able to see everything in such a short time. It was two hours, one way, from our resort to DC. So our plan was to leave early and stay late, and try to squeeze in as much as we possibly could. Walking, walking, and more walking. Wow, that makes for a loonnngg, tiring day! It was worth it to me, but to the rest of my family... let's just say that although they thoroughly enjoyed the sight-seeing, each of them is not quite the history enthusiast that I am.

be still my quaking heart
What? You didn't think I'd want to start my tour of our nation's capitol anywhere but here, did you? I may have mentioned (a time or two) that history's my thing.
some of Thomas Edison's light bulbs
and his very own scientific notes :o


father explaining electric currents to son
You might not be able to tell from this picture, but learning is being received with real enthusiasm here. Please pardon me for a moment while I try to contain the happiness within this homeschooling momma's teacher heart.
Henry Ford's cars
I have to admit we were all disappointed to find that, due to structural damage from recent earthquakes, you can no longer go inside the Washington Monument.


at the WWII Memorial looking back at the Washington Monument

"Here We Mark The Price Of Freedom"
may we never forget

Ok, so I'm noticing that during the summer, my youngest boy child has grown enough to be taller than me. Be it ever so slightly, it is enough that he noticed, and has been quite happy to point it out to me.

Unfortunately, the reflecting pool had been drained and was being repaired during our visit, so the background for this shot was not as pretty as I had hoped.

taking a break in Constitution Park... so tired, must rest
ducks in Constitution Park

As we were walking this way, we saw huge crowds of people gathered in several pockets on the sidewalk outside this lovely, ornate, wrought-iron fence. I also noticed lots of policeman patrolling the area. This being my first time in DC, and given the fact that I am not very proficient in map reading skills, (hey, I just follow my hubs; I trust him) I asked, "What's going on beyond this fence?" Imagine my delight when we squeezed through the crowds to get close enough to see...
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Yes, I know... you'd think I would've had a clue it was coming up. But honestly, DC is so big, and we'd been walking and covering so much ground. And I did say I'm not good with maps. So, yes I was pleasantly surprised to see the White House.
Miss Priss, cooling her hot, tired feet. 
Umm, yeah... we're one of those families. You know, the ones that you see in the public fountains, in spite of the signs instructing you not to get in the water. 
No, really, this pool had instructions to stay behind the fenced area. So... we're good.
Easter Island Head
Smithsonian Institutes's National Museum of Natural History
checking out the mammals exhibits
smile big, Mr. Hippo

his birthstone
These are some places that we didn't have time to visit on this day, but we certainly wanted to be sure to have them on our must see tours for the next day.
the National Archives Building

the US Capitol Building

the FBI Building
Unfortunately, we were not able to come back to DC the next day. (Perhaps I should say fortunately, for my family? They were so tired.) I'm still not sure exactly what happened; I have no medical conclusion for it. Maybe it was the stress of walking too far, too fast? I don't even know how to describe it, except to say that on the way back from DC, my legs (below the knees) began to swell and were covered with a bright red rash. A painful rash. By the time we got back to our cabin that night, I was in so much pain. I have never experienced anything like it before or (so far) since. The next day I could hardly walk. At all. So we didn't go back to DC, and I spent the next couple of days hobbling around the resort a little, and resting alot. So disappointing. :(

Come to think of it, maybe walking around Washington DC all day in flip-flops helped contribute to it? Hmm, I can laugh about now. That day it wasn't so funny. 

At least the husband enjoyed DC almost as much as I did, and he did agree that we will have to go back soon. And the next time we will stay closer to DC, and plan to spend the whole vacation there.

Stay tuned for some of our other trips, and highlights from our summer.

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  1. Okay the rash looks uncomfy. But I can never ever ever again look at that view of the reflecting pool area without seeing Jenny wading across it calling out for Forrest. My brain has been forever marked. :)


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